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This course is designed to provide the student with the instruction and hands-on instruction required to achieve advanced level dog grooming skills to become an Advanced Professional Dog Groomer. This course, along with the Introduction to Dog Grooming Hybrid Course and the Certified Dog Groomer Course, the student will be able to seek employment in any dog grooming facility or veterinary office as a Certified Advanced Dog Groomer.

To complete this course, the student must complete a minimum of 60 hours of hands-on experience, to be performed both on-campus and during field trips to a WCGA participating Animal Shelter. The student must also score a minimum of 55 points out of 70 points on the Final Technical Evaluation, in which they must groom a dog to completion without assistance. This course does not require internships or externships, but 2-month long internships with the Academy may be applied for, if available.

Curriculum Includes:

• Review of Hygienist Tools, Maintenance & Disinfection

• Review of Grooming Tools, Maintenance & Disinfection

• Review of Grooming Products

• Dog Anatomy & Behavior

• Safe Animal Handling

• Dog Breeds, Colors & Coat Types

• Breeds, Temperaments & Personalities

• Review of Pre-Grooming, Bathing, Drying & Brushing Procedures

• Review of Full Body Contour Cuts (Puppy Cut, Lamb Cut, Breed Cuts, etc)

• Identification and Treatment of Parasites

• Review of Common Skin Conditions & Breed Health Concerns

• Review of Danger Zones & Avoiding the Bite Zone

• Advanced De-matting & De-pelting

• Functions of the Coat & Skin Care

• Creative Interpretation/Effective Communication

• Review of Breed Styles (Terrier, Poodle, Spaniel, Shih Tzu, etc)

• Review of Senior/Disabled/Special Needs Dog Grooming

• Review of Puppy Grooming

• Hand-Stripping the Terrier Coat

• Barber Rolling

• Creative Hair Dying & Hair Styles

• Introduction to Show Grooming

• Advanced Grooming Techniques

• Canine Nutrition

• Business Management

• Marketing & Customer Retention

Program Outcomes:

1) Certified Advanced Dog Groomer certificate received.

2) Ability to build trust with potential clients by demonstrating expert knowledge and understanding of dogs.

3) Adequately prepared to groom dogs to show quality standards

4) Expertly use the tools and equipment required to groom dogs using advanced techniques.

5) Confidence to begin wading into the world of competitive dog grooming.

6) Ability to satisfactorily execute creative grooming techniques.

7) Work with dogs safely and without incident.

Pre-Requisite: (1) Completion of the Introduction to Dog Grooming Hybrid Course, and (2) Completion of the Certified Dog Groomer Course.

Format: Hands-on class on campus.

Duration: 4-weeks for 4 hours per day, Mondays-Thursdays.

Cost: $2,500 (includes testing fees) + $250 non-refundable registration fee (waived if course is taken within 2 semesters of Certified Dog Groomer Course).

Semesters Offered: Summer, Winter.

Disclosure: The State of California does not require state licensure to work as a Pet Groomer, Bather or Pet Hygienist. If the student resides outside of California, they will need to file for applicable occupational licensing (if any) in their state or country of operation.


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