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Q. How Can I to Become a Professional Dog Groomer?

A. You will need to take and pass both the Introduction to Dog Grooming Hybrid Course first, and then the Dog Groomer Certification Course. For more information on each course, please visit our Class Scheduling & Pricing page.

Q. Will I Be Able to Work As a Groomer After I Graduate?

A. Yes! Each salon, whether privately owned or corporate, will have its own policies in place regarding new-hires, so you may be started off as a bather for a short time while your new salon determines where you are at with your grooming skills. Some may start you off doing haircuts right away, while some may prefer to wait a little while. However, groomers are in high demand, so finding a job after graduation is easy!

Q. How Much Does It Cost to Enroll?

A. Each course is $3,500, with a $250 registration fee, so the total would be $7,250. A 25% deposit of $1,750 is due at the time of enrollment, with the balance to be paid one week before the class starts. Discounts are offered periodically through the year, which are found at the top of the Class Scheduling & Pricing page.

Q. Do You Offer Job Placement Assistance?

A. Yes! We have grooming salon managers contacting us daily to hire our graduates, so we can assist you in finding a job both in-state or out of state.

Q. Do You Offer Financing?

A. We do not currently offer financing at this time. However, you may apply for assistance with our partner, the Michelson Institute for Pet Professionals (MIPP). Apply now to see if you qualify!

Q. Are Tool Kits Provided?

A. If you do not have your own tools, we have tool kits available to rent for $150 for the duration of the class, $5 per day (if you forget yours), or for purchase. Tool kit prices range from $900 (corded clipper) to $1,050 (cordless clipper) + tax. An enrollment counselor can assist you with any tool kit questions you may have.

How Do I Sign Up?


Step 1: Apply for Admission

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Step 2: Submit ID/Drivers License and Diploma/GED/Transcripts 

Step 3: Sign Enrollment Agreements

Step 4: Pay for Tuition

Then you’re in! We will send you a link to start your online course, which you can work on until your hands-on training starts. What are you waiting for? Your new career is just a click away!


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