West Coast Grooming Academy Enrollment Application

Are you ready to begin your journey to a new career? Let’s get started!

To enroll you can either:

  1. Call or request a consultation online if you have questions and would like to speak with an enrollment counselor.
  2. OR if you are ready to enroll now, you can enroll online!

Step 1: Fill out the Questionnaire Below
Step 2: Fill out your Enrollment Agreements (next page).
Step 3: Submit your ID and either GED, High School Diploma or Transcripts (if you don’t have these available, please call us to enroll).
Step 4: Pay for your Class Tuition
                Registration Fee: $250
                Tuition Deposit: $1,750 OR
                Full Tuition: $7,000
Step 5: Order Your Tool Kit (Optional)
                 Cost: $750-$1,050 + tax)

Then you are all done! A counselor will touch base with you once your enrollment is complete to answer any questions you may have.

Please note:If you are not ready to make a payment or do not have your required enrollment documents ready at this time, please call to schedule an appointment for a consultation instead at (626) 239-0741.

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