• FORMAT: Hands-On + Online
  • DURATION: Online= 60-100 hours (Self-Paced), Hands-On= 4 Sessions
  • HOURS: 10:00am-2:00pm (1 session) or
    Express Option: 10:00am-6:00pm (2 sessions)
  • COST: $2,500 + $250 Registration Fee + $6.50 State Tuition Recovery Fund fee.
  • CAMPUS: Arcadia
  • INSTRUCTOR: Nicole Jackson (Small Animal Specialist)

PART 1 The first part of the hybrid course is online and covers important topics necessary for pursuing a career in cat grooming, including tools & protection equipment, safe cat handling, feline anatomy, health, sanitation, CFA + TICA cat breeds, history and foundational techniques for the cat groomer.

PART 2: Part two is fully hands-on and takes place at one of our state of the art campuses. Learn how to bathe, dry, brush, de-mat, trim nails, provide sanitary and toe tuft trims, and apply nail caps on live cats to professional standards from the industry’s top Certified Cat Grooming Instructors. Gain experience working with cats of a wide variety of breeds, coat types and temperaments. Upon completion of this course, students will are eligible to proceed onto the Certified Cat Groomer Course.


  • FORMAT: Hands-On
  • DURATION: 8 Sessions
  • HOURS: 10:00am-2:00pm (1 session) or Express Option 10:00am-6:00pm (2 sessions)
  • PRE-REQUISITE: Introduction to Cat Grooming
  • COST: $2,500 + $6.50 State Tuition Recovery Fund Fee + $250 Registration Fee (waived if taken less than 1 year after Introduction to Cat Grooming)
  • CAMPUS: Arcadia
  • INSTRUCTOR: Nicole Jackson (Small Animal Specialist)

This course is 8 sessions and is fully hands-on.  This course is offered at our state-of-the-art facilities in Arcadia. Learn how to offer a variety of cat-specific trims, including belly shaves, sanitary shaves, Lion Cuts, Kitten Cuts, mane trims, face trims and booty trims from the industry’s top groomers while working with cats of a wide variety of breeds, coat types and temperaments. Learn how to communicate with customers, advocate for the needs of their cat, and execute the most common cat grooming services.

Cost for Entire Cat Groomer Certification Program: $5,513.00

(includes Introduction to Cat Grooming + Cat Groomer Certification Course)

Discounts & financing options may be available! For more information, Schedule a Consultation with our Admissions Team!

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