This is the premiere grooming academy in the country, let alone the state of California. I received 3 grooming certifications and Pet CPR training from this school. After receiving my certifications and finishing a continued education internship with Chris and Jessica, I was able to open my own mobile grooming company. With their emphasis on safety, health, hands on training and customer communication they gave me the skills I needed to know what grooming services were best for the pet and most importantly how to communicate that to the customer. I never imagined being able to make over $100 an hour while fulfilling my passion of pet transformations. If you love animals and want to work in the pet industry, if you are interested in becoming a groomer, this is the only grooming school to consider. Chris and Jessica know what they are doing. They clearly take pride in teaching and seeing students blossom. Thank you Chris and Jessica and the entire WCGA family.

Alixcia D. / Austin, TX

I been attending there for a couple of months and I love it there!! It feels like home.. Always having a great time well learning at the same time!! Never a dull moment.. I enjoy grooming the dogs there.. The instructor for the Grooming Academy is on point with his cuts and grooms.. I recommend anybody that wants their dog to be washed and groomed or even want to attend the school.. Sign up now!!

Sunnie J. / Commerce, United States

After the first two days attending the W.C.G.A. Academy, I was wondering what I was doing there!, I though that was not mine, be a pet groomer!, but as the days progressed I came to love what I was learning. Thank you Chris Jackson for being an extraordinary Instructor, your Knowledge and patience did awaken in me!, something that I was looking long time ago. I’m almost at the end of my six weeks grooming program, happy and ready to start another stage of my life, which I’m sure I’ll enjoy doing much!

Wanda O. / Burbank, California

It’s a great academy! Chris is a very good teacher, Professional and patient, nice to the dog. He help me to open my new job life, may be in the future also help me with my business. From here I learn the grooming skill, open my ideas, and made friends. Thanks a lot for my teacher, It is lucky to choice here!

A.L. / Flushing, United States

I was able to locate this grooming school right here close to me. I took Hanna in for a bath and full groom. I was pleased with the results. The male teacher is exceptional with the dogs and their owners. I had a student groom Hanna and did a exceptional job. I will take Hanna back for future grooming.

Ann N. / Imperial Beach, United States

Chris is an awesome teacher! I learned so much during his course and he was so helpful accommodating my schedule. The salon is very welcoming and he keeps you busy. The course is super hands on. If you show up and are serious about learning, you’ll get a lot out of the class. One of the things I loved was that he works with the local humane society and you get to groom shelter pups. It’s very rewarding.

Chris is the type of person who wants to see you succeed and will be there for you even after you’re done with the class. He’s helped all my fellow students with job placement, and even got me a job in the salon after I finished my course.

Thanks Chris! You’re the best 🙂

Diane L. / Snohomish, United States

Took my puppy for her first haircut and they took great care of her knowing how scared she would be her first time at the groomers. Also took my newly adopted shelter dog and they did amazing with him as well and their haircuts came out great!

Shauna B. / Modesto, United States

Took the parenting class today with my Maltese. I learned a lot more about my dog than from any dog training course. Her temperament, how to properly hold her for nail trims & clipper use. I was doing it wrong. Chris took his time with all of us to make sure we understood the care of our particular breeds. From nails, to bathing, toothbrushing, ear cleaning, blow drying then haircuts. Haircuts took the longest because we had 3 different breeds in the class. I have a new appreciation for pet groomers. I feel comfortable grooming my 3 dogs since I learned so much from this course. I would take another course from this school.

Donna A / Altadena, United States

I am a graduate of the West Coast Grooming Academy and am now working as a certified groomer at the Pawlor/West Coast Grooming Academy. I have always loved dogs and decided to pursue a job where I could spend time with them and learn more about them. After participating in the 8 week course, I have also completed my three month internship and learned more. The 8 week course was a great learning experience and was also extremely fun. I got to work alongside other animal lovers and learn from an awesome instructor, Chris Jackson!

Wanda O. / Burbank, California

My name is Kevin Tan and I’m a proud student & graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy! I’m also an proud owner of Compassionate K9 Mobile Dog Grooming. I wouldn’t have been able to get my business going if it wasn’t for Christopher Jackson & West Coast Grooming Academy. Chris teaches each and everyone of his student with passion & soul within his heart. Most of all Chris personality speaks for itself and he is energetic and vibrant as a person, a great father to his kids, friend, and teacher. He loves the art of dog grooming and teaches everything he knows from years and experience growing up within the grooming industry and showing competitively nationwide towards his students & challenges them each & every day with different tasks & cuts. Chris strives his teaching on making each of his students knowledgeable and competitive within the grooming industry and making sure his students has what it takes to educate their customers on a daily basis and satisfying their expectations. Once your a student of Chris you’ll always be a student of his and if you love volunteering as much as I do he has that going for you too with shelters & rescues countywide. Knowing that you can make a difference in a dog life while learning is the true epitome of dog grooming and compassion. If you are looking to be an business owner one day than I recommend you take the Advance Dog Grooming course just as I did and be the best at it. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn from Chris and the peers amongst you. West Coast Grooming Academy is your place to go! Teaching doesn’t stop their need a job after graduation or before he got that going for you too and if you need CE just like me to keep myself fresh & updated on trends and style well you are always welcome back anytime after graduation to continue the learning experience if needed! Look no further pricing is high but it’s due to the core value and quality of learning and attentive attention you are getting from West Coast Grooming Academy! You won’t regret your decision that’s for sure I know I didn’t and why should you! Chris is the best! Don’t take our word for it as a student & graduate go experience it yourself in person and you’ll see why! Once a student always a student once a groomer always a groomer!

Advance Certified Professional Dog Groomer/Compassionate K9 Mobile Dog Grooming

Kevin Tan / Altadena, United States